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Yamaha EF3000iS 3000 Watt Inverter Generator
The 3000 Watt EF3000iS weighs 136 pounds. Designed to be acoustically sound, this extremely quiet generator (53-60 dBA) features Smart Throttle which allows greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction. It will run up to 19 hours at ¼ rated load on a tank of gas. With features such as Built-In Wheels, Noise Block, and an Oil Watch Warning System, the EF3000iS is a powerful yet portable medium-range inverter!

Top Features

CO Sensor for Safety
Shuts off at high level CO detection
Oil Watch Warning System
Prevents engine damage from low oil
Noise Blocking System
Designed to keep a quiet engine
Smart Throttle
Greater fuel efficiency, noise reduction

Additional features

  • Noise Block, acoustically designed sound reduction system ‐ Sound absorbing material, used in key locations, does not resonate sound. Newly designed muffler and molded fan produce unbeatable noise reduction at 53 - 60 dBA.
  • Independent gasoline petcock ‐ Helps reduce carburetor cleaning and repairs by eliminating stale gas in the carburetor.
  • Smart Throttle, load sensing rpm control ‐ Greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction by automatically adjusting engine speed to match the load.
  • Long run time ‐ Continuous operation for up to 18.6 hours without refueling (at 1/4 rated load with “Smart Throttle” function on).
  • Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control ‐ Can run products with built-in microcomputers, or microcomputer-controlled electric tools.
  • Centralized control panel ‐ Easy access to controls.
  • 171cc Overhead Valve (OHV) engine ‐ Noise-reducing operation with improved efficiency, increased reliability, and low oil consumption.
  • Oil Watch Warning system ‐ Prevents engine damage to avoid costly repairs and minimize down time adds customer confidence and peace of mind.
  • Four wheels with parking brake ‐ Easy transport and mobility.
  • EPA & CARB Emission Engine Life Rating ‐ Yamaha generators have the longest emission engine life ratings issued by the environmental.
  • Automatic decompression ‐ Greatly reduces starting effort.
  • Factory Warranty ‐ Covers the entire generator for defects in parts and workmanship for three (3) years.


  • Model / Model Code: EF3000iS
  • Type: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions (length/width/height): 26.8" x 17.5" x 21.9"
  • Dry Weight: 154.3 lbs
  • Engine Type: OHV, Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Displacement / HP: 171cc / 5.5hp
  • Ignition System: Electric w/Recoil & Auto Decompressor
  • Capacity: 3.4 Gallons
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded Regular
  • Cooling Type: Air Cooled
  • Type: Brushless Inverter
  • Maximum AC Output: 3000 Watts
  • Rated AC Output: 2800 Watts
  • Rated AC Current / Maximum: 23.3 / 25 amps @ 120V
  • Noise Level 1/4 Load/ Full Load: 53 dBA / 60 dBA
  • Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load: 19 hrs @ 1/4 rated load

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
William F.
Great Yamaha Dealer and Yamaha Generator!

Highly recommend as the premium Yamaha dealer and the EF3000IS Generator. Sales process and delivery was perfect with lift gate service to my driveway. The Yamaha EF3000IS generator has worked perfectly for me since January 2013 as a home back up generator connected to my reliance transfer switch. Starts easily every time. I just do standard maintenance, and start on a regular / monthly basis, and use fuel valve to shot off fuel and carburetor drain each time to keep the carburetor clean, and I use Stabil fuel stabilizer. Reliable, efficient, and quiet generator. Dealer provides reliable service with safe and quick delivery of products in pristine condition. No issues with generator over 7 years. Recommend Yamaha over all generator clone's which are more expensive in the long run with fuel leaks and when they do not work when you need them! No worries when ordering from this dealer!

John T.

Received in good condition. After adding Yamalube oil
and ethanol-free fuel, it started on the first pull as it has on every start since. The generator got its first oil change at 20.4 hours, according to the Yamaha Engine Meter which was purchased with the generator and installed before start-up. We now have a bit over 30 hours total, running the AC at our off-grid cabin.
Very pleased so far.

Alex V.
Careful, No Returns (AFTER) Fueling

Pay close attention to the specs. I bought the EF3000iS Yamaha after comparing it to the Honda 3000iS line that has electric start. I got it as expected and followed the instructions in the correct order. Step 3 (after putting oil in) was to connect the battery, but I opened the battery compartment and there was no battery! Turns out, I accidentally bought the non-electric start version. I called to see what my options were and they said I own it because it has oil and gas in it and my only option is to try and sell it. I get it, but now I am stuck with an expensive unused 130+ lbs generator that I have not been able to sell because nobody else wants it either. Maybe I'll have to use it one day and it will be great, but it seems too heavy, low tech and expensive for a 3000watt generator.

Marc S.
Nice Unit]

Generator is quiet and well built.

Kristy F.
Easy and timely

When I placed the order, I never thought it would be delivered only a few days later. The delivery was quick and smooth. They did a great job communicating with me by email and phone. The reminder email to complete the warranty online was helpful too.

William J.
Yamaha EF3000iS Inverter Generator

I purchased this Yamaha EF3000iS generator from National Supply and could not be more satisfied with how the company handled the order, they were fast and efficient.

The Yamaha EF3000iS generator is a very well built quality product, I purchased this Yamaha EF3000iS for use in case of power outages, I live in Florida and if a Hurricane disrupts power I want a quality inverter generator that I know I can count on for many years to come.

I have been very impressed with how easy this Yamaha starts and how quiet it is. I starts right up each time I have started it testing it out to make sure everything is ok with it.

I highly recommend both National Supply and Yamaha generators.

Mike S.


jim c.
great company

thanks guys u are great and service was excellent
happy camper


Great customer service , fast shipping. Very quiet and easy to start.

Jackson W.
Great Price/Fast shipping

If your looking for a Yamaha generator, I would highly recommend this place.

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