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Yamaha EF3000iSEB 3000 Watt Inverter Generator with Boost Technology
The 3000 Watt EF3000iSEB weighs 149.9 pounds and starts with ease with its electric starter. Designed to be acoustically sound, this extremely quiet generator (53-60 dBA) features Smart Throttle which allows greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction. It will run up to 19 hours at ¼ rated load on a tank of gas. With features such as Built-In Wheels, Boost Technology, and an Oil Watch Warning System, the EF3000iSEB is a powerful yet portable medium-range inverter!

Top Features

CO Sensor for Safety
Shuts off at high level CO detection
Oil Watch Warning System
Prevents engine damage from low oil
Yamaha Boost Technology®
Extra boost of power when you need it!
Smart Throttle
Greater fuel efficiency, noise reduction

Additional features

  • Yamaha Boost Technology® (YBT) ‐ Boosts output by adding battery voltage to alternator output when needed. The Boost Control Unit (BCU) senses when extra power is needed and boosts output for up to 10 seconds, giving air conditioners, power tools, and other equipment the extra boost of power they may need to start quickly and efficiently.
  • Noise Block, acoustically designed sound reduction system ‐ Sound absorbing material, used in key locations, does not resonate sound. Newly designed muffler and molded fan produce unbeatable noise reduction.
  • Smart Throttle, load sensing rpm control ‐ Greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction by automatically adjusting engine speed to match the load.
  • Long run time ‐ Continuous operation for up to 18.6 hours without refueling (at 1/4 rated load with “Smart Throttle” function on).
  • Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control ‐ Can run products with built-in microcomputers, or microcomputer-controlled electric tools.
  • Centralized control panel ‐ Easy access to controls.
  • Electric starter ‐ Effortless starting and ease of operation (battery included).
  • 171cc Overhead Valve (OHV) engine ‐ Noise-reducing operation with improved efficiency, increased reliability, and low oil consumption.
  • Oil Watch Warning system ‐ Prevents engine damage to avoid costly repairs and minimize down time adds customer confidence and peace of mind.
  • Four wheels with parking brake ‐ Easy transport and mobility.
  • EPA & CARB Emission Engine Life Rating ‐ Yamaha generators have the longest emission durability engine ratings issued by the environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.
  • Factory Warranty ‐ Covers the entire generator for defects in parts and workmanship for three (3) years.
  • 50 state legal ‐ Meets emission regulations, including CARB.


  • Model / Model Code: EF3000iSEB
  • Type: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions (length/width/height): 26.8" x 17.5" x 21.9"
  • Dry Weight: 154.3 lbs
  • Engine Type: OHV, Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Displacement / HP: 171cc / 5.5hp
  • Ignition System: Electric w/Recoil & Auto Decompressor
  • Capacity: 3.4 Gallons
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded Regular
  • Cooling Type: Air Cooled
  • Type: Brushless Inverter
  • Maximum AC Output: 3000 Watts
  • Rated AC Output: 2800 Watts
  • Rated AC Current / Maximum: 23.3 / 25 amps @ 120V
  • Noise Level 1/4 Load/ Full Load: 53 dBA / 60 dBA
  • Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load: 19 hrs @ 1/4 rated load

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Just what was needed

Excellent generator. My dad has had one for years that we use at the race track. I finally got my own after a tornado took my power out for 5 days. Can't say enough about the quietness, fuel efficiency, & power that this generator provides all at an affordable price.

Tom B.
You won't be disappointed

Bought one about 4 years ago to power the camper. It's every bit as quite as a Honda. The only thing that could make it better in remote start. I bought an aftermarket kit and now it's perfect. Took me (first time doing this) about 2 hours to install using the supplied video. Installed the generator in the back of the pickup and rigged up so I could plug into it while traveling. Now I can start or stop the generator either in the pickup or the camper or anywhere within range. Works perfect and can't hear the generator at all from inside the camper. Yes, the truck needs to be withing range of the cord but that has never been a problem. Yet!

Justin S.
Wonderful Experience! Highly recommend Yamaha Generators!

Transaction smooth start to finish. Generator should up on a pallet within a couple days in perfect condition. A++


Nice generator. Had it for 5 years now. Tons of power, i used it while building my cabin with saws and air compressors, now its backup power for the inverter/solar system. Charges my battery bank at the full charge rate no problem (50amp dc charger) Great fuel economy and very quiet. Unit is very heavy, takes 2 people to lift, but that just means they didnt skimp on components. Highly recommend it.

George A.
Worth the money

I bought a EF3000ISEB in 2011 to run a window unit and a lap top while on the road I drive a 18 wheeler. I strapped it to the upper deck right behind the cab if I was quite I could hear it , the running of the Ac unit was louder. Run time was always a major plus started out with carrying a 5 gallon can of gas and after a few weeks went to a 2 1/2 can that would supply my needs for a two week haul. I got the remote start at the time of purchase which was great but it will kill the battery if the generator is not in regular use. I removed the remote start and replaced that battery and still on the second battery to this day 11/2022. I no longer do long haul’s but run the unit from time to time so it will be ready for the next outage. I make a habit to shut the fuel off when I think there is going to be a extended down time and now that ethanol free gasoline is so readily available that’s all I put in it. The short and sweet of this note is the EF3000ISEB is a little pricey but mine is 12 years old (Can’t say that for the last LOUD three generators that this one replaced) and I can count on it to start the first time when I turn the key.

Howard P.

For me the two main selling points were run time on a tank of fuel and quiet running. This generator is very quiet compared to any other I have heard and will run all night starting with a full tank. It is well designed, solidly built and performs flawlessly.
No complaints here.

Joe W.

Great generator for the occasional emergency use when the power goes out. I love the electric start. Increasingly in CA this is becoming a regular occurrence. This unit easily handles several essential and a few non essential household items.
I also purchased a Gentran switch unit and wired that into my electrical box.
Shipping was fast.


Delivery was on time and generator runs as it should. Very quiet

Emory P.

Pleased with all aspects from order, and communication with Larry.

john A.

Received my generator and followed the instructions on put things together.
Once assembled it started instantly.
Everything with the ordering and receiving was great. Creating and shipping was very good.
Am very happy with my purchase.

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